Malaysiascout Online Loan Guide

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Tips On Getting a Personal Loan

Personal loan, like any other loan, is a form of borrowed money. The lender allows a borrower to use their money and pays it within a specified period with an agreed interest payment. This interest payment is expressed at a rate to be paid by the borrower against the principal amount borrowed. Personal loans are […]

Questions You Should Ask Before Getting a Payday Loan

Payday loans are loans where a lender grants the borrower a certain amount of cash that can be used by the borrower for any purpose. There is no specific reason which the cash can be used. Payday loans have gained a bad reputation because of the very high interest rates it gets offered with. Payday […]

Questions You Need to Ask When Getting a Mortgage

Mortgages are loans that help a person or a business to purchase a property at an affordable price. The person or business, also known as the borrower, will apply for a mortgage from banks or other financial institutions. Once approved, the bank or other financial institution, also known as the lender, will lend the borrower […]

Questions You Need to Ask When Getting a Business Loan

So you are getting excited and you have that great big smile with you everywhere you go because of a business idea that you are very certain that would work. But then it comes to a point where you realize you need to raise cash for you to be able to make your business happen. […]

Questions To Ask When Getting a Credit Card

Having a credit card is a great responsibility that most people take advantage of. Without properly managing your credit card and taking full responsibility of the effects of having debt can greatly affect your finances. Credit cards are very useful and totally help in keeping your spending efficient. Managing your transactions through your credit card […]